Having the best human resources is key for every company and needs a personal and customized method for each one. In Menesteo we collaborate close to our clients to find the best way to get the best candidates for the role.

  •  If your company does not have an existing recruiting methodology and strategy, we help you to build one.  If you already have one, we will adapt ours in order to provide you a service adapted to your needs.
  • Different input resources:
    • Database search (A proprietary database with more than 3000 candidates).
    • Direct search.
  • Candidate evaluation based on the following researches:
    • Background checks.
    • Skills-based assessments.
    • Personality and cognitive assessments.
    • Employment branding.
  • Time optimization due to we will assure to keep the communication between you and your candidate clear and up to date.
  • Transparency.
  • Permanent communication.
  • Quick feedback about you application status when new information rises.
  • Notification of new opportunities.